Are you going through something really rough?
Could you use some compassion and good advice?

You’ve landed in the right place.


I’ve got strategies that will help
and I’m really good at making lemonade.
{queue Beyonce}


I work with lonewolves, super-introverts, and people who are intensely private
strategize a survival plan through
their worst-case scenarios.

If something has just occurred that has left you stuck, disempowered, and utterly bewildered, and you don’t feel you can talk openly about this to anyone in your life, I’m here to be your advocate.

I’ve helped over 500 clients strategize and survive their worst-case scenarios who, for reasons of their own, could not turn to friends or family for the unbiased advice they needed in their situation.

I’m damn good at swift, smart strategy and I’ll help you find the solution.

Let’s get your power back.