Being Sophia Workshop Series

The Being Sophia Workshop Series Is here!



The Being Sophia Workshop Series
is a virtual education experience.

Classes are held by teleconference on
Thursdays @ 4:00 p.m. ET

Don’t worry – you don’t have to be there live to take the class
– Every participant is sent an mp3 and a PDF of the discussion notes right after the class airs. But those who show up to the live class have a wonderful benefit – on-the-spot coaching for their specific situation. I’ll be doing a 30-minute Q+A session at the end of every live class.

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The Being Sophia Story





Like Bees to Honey - Liberated Attention


Like Bees to Honey: Cultivating the Superfoxy Allure of Liberated Attention
(Immediate Download)

Cultivate an inner calm so spacious others find your company spellbinding. In this workshop, we’re talking about legitimate, from-your-core magnetism that is quiet, effective, and requires no hype, no seduction, and no showmanship. Liberated attention is a reserve of unfettered focus that you are free to direct any place you want. Do you wish your mind was not running rabidly from thought-to-thought, judging and evaluating everything you are in contact with? Do you wish you were more peaceful, centered, creative, and sovereign with people and opportunities coming to you (instead of you chasing them)? TAKE THIS CLASS. I’m giving you step-by-step instructions that will gently reveal the shadow side of yourself that is causing disruption and discontent in your life. We DO NOT discuss meditation here (although it’s a wonderful practice). This class is a very hands-on, take action approach.

You will be given an 80-minute teaching mp3 and a 26-page workbook of the course discussion notes.

Tuition: $38.00



How to Stop Taking Things So Personally


How to Stop Taking Things So Personally – (Immediate Download)
A workshop that explores the reasons WHY we take things so personally, and how to sort out what’s your stuff, what’s their stuff, and how to speak up for yourself with grace. I’m giving you a step-by-step outline of what to do when confronted, embarrassed, or hurt by someone else’s actions, what to say, and how to move on from the experience with confidence. I answer questions from real students in a live Q+A session at the end.

You will be given a 100-minute teaching mp3 and a 21-page workbook of the course discussion notes.

Tuition: $38.00








Self-Trust Rehab
Restore integrity with yourself and experience how powerful your voice is.


Working With the Survivor Who Lives Inside You
Learn the purpose of the ego and foster an understanding between you.


The Art of Apology + Techniques for Forgiveness
How to give a full and proper apology with grace. Making the practice of forgiveness your super power.


How to Be Productive and Get Shit Done
For ambitious broads who have a lot on their plate.


Broads Who Have the X-Factor: Self-Respect & Spaciousness
Cure yourself of FOMO and powerfully choose the people and activities you want in your life.


How to Make Clear and Powerful Requests & the Art of Counteroffer
Help people say yes to you and learn how to negotiate quickly and fairly.


How to Execute a Power Move
Bypass “improving” your situation and go straight to evolving.


Soul Contracts
How to better understand the roles you have, the important people in your life, and painful lessons you’ve endured.


How to Take Care of Yourself When Crisis Hits
Immediate steps to get grounded and back in choice.


The 4 Indicators of Personal Sovereignty
You know your worth, your liquor limit, your day rate, and your sell point.


Each class is $38.00
Subscribers hear about the pre-sale price of $30.00 one week prior to the live class.
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