The Being Sophia Story

The Being Sophia Workshop Series Is here!

Some of you remember my post The Bad Ass Broad that was awesomely shared a half a million times and spurred a workshop by the same name. It’s a post about the attitudes and personality of a woman who has done her self-work and is walking through life with cool, grounded confidence. This broad has guts, grace, and courage. She’s a sinner with the heart of a saint. She’s self-made. She cares deeply, but she has boundaries that can’t be crossed.

Many of you wrote to me and said, “You are describing my aunt / my best friend / my mentor / my sister. She has a devil-may-care confidence and boundaries without apology — I want that.”

For the past two years,
I’ve been gathering your letters and putting together a new teaching series that deals directly with self-respect, personal power, boundaries, and assertiveness.

These are the core philosophies, traits, and habits that The Bad Ass Broad has at her disposal that make her powerful, generous, effective, and one of the most admired women on the planet.

I’ve named her Sophia.
Her name means “Wisdom”
She’s a bad ass broad.


I want to be clear about something: This is not an attempt to change you into a person you’re not, nor suggest that if you “become someone else” life will be better. The Bad Ass Broad is a dimension of personality you have access to.

Sophia is the alter-ego you step into when the situation calls for it.


You know those moments when you’re stunned, bereft of words, or feeling like you. must. say. yes. to. everything….? And you wonder what your self-respecting best friend would do? Okay, Sophia is your go-to gal for this. Ask yourself, If I’m Being Sophia, what do I say/do/respond with?

As you take these classes, you will notice your default emotions changing. You aren’t as triggered. You take better care of yourself. You are able to ask for the things you want.


I am personally inviting you to join us. Come be with other women who get it.

All the love,





Do something brave and badass?
Use the #beingsophia hashtag on Instagram


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