Sweet Love

Before working with Stephanie I was really struggling about what to prioritize in my business. In fact, I wasn’t sure what to prioritize in my life. After sharing with her EVERYTHING that was going in my world; work, vision, love, marriage, Stephanie was able to take what felt overwhelming to me and simplify it down to what really mattered. Since that time I have been more focused, on point and productive than ever before. My business is thriving and continues to get better, and I feel that with Stephanie’s support I will finally be able to create a life that rocks on every level.

Joui Turandot
Personal Branding for Creative Leaders
JTM Consulting, Founder
San Francisco, CA

Stephanie is an amazing inspiration who is so full of LIFE and LOVE that you literally think you can do ANYTHING when you hang up the phone with her. Her positive energy is contagious, energizing, life-giving…..If you have the chance, work with her.

Jill Rebik
New York, NY



Before I even met Stephanie, I was madly crushing on her website and talent. I quoted lines from her epic-book-in-the-making because they were SO impactful and that’s when I knew I had to know her. Stephanie’s immense compassion, warmth, passion, real life experiences and HEART = one kickass coach, woman, friend. I am so happy for anyone who’s lucky enough to have her as their coach, especially if they are ready to live an extraordinary life. She makes the world a better place!

Brittany Emerson
Photographer + Full time Mother
Vancouver, British Colombia




Talking with Stephanie is such a breath of FRESH AIR! She lights a fire under you that you didn’t even know was there! I am so blessed to have her as my LIFE COACH!

Ashley Mitchell
Founder and President
Big Tough Girl
Springville, UT

I’m fond of saying each person is uniquely endowed with special gifts. But there is no one even remotely like Stephanie St.Claire. An inspiring presence both online and in person, a life-changing coach, a trusted friend, Stephanie has the rare ability to allow unvarnished truth to flow freely from a compassionate heart. If you’re seeking bliss, Stephanie will not only prepare you for your journey, she will help you find everything you need, everything you already have inside yourself, to get there.

Doris Baardsen
Boston, MA


I adored working with Steph. In her straight talking and loving approach, she helped me to reframe challenges and work through blocks which quickly created near instant positive results. For example, within days of receiving her counsel, I’d hired two people (after years of looking for the right ones) and finally got “that” newsletter out which I’d been putting off for… well, a long time.

I chose to work with Steph because I related to her messages and loved her style. She shares her own stories of being there and getting through to the other side with warmth and humour, and when that’s combined with a direct approach it not only led me to instantly trust her, but also made me realise: I can do it too.

Lisa Caddick
Valwyatt Marine
Berkshire, UK


Stephanie possesses a genuine intention to better the lives of everyone she meets. When you are with Stephanie, you are her priority. She is generous in her listening and her speaking, effortlessly able to share the wisdom she has gained from a life lived fully, and the intuition she possesses naturally.

I feel safe when I speak to Stephanie and can always count on her to provide perspective I may not have otherwise seen. I always leave her company feeling inspired, empowered, and very loved.

Karlyn Jurgenson Daniel
Omaha, NE


Few people in the world are as authentic as Stephanie St.Claire. I’ve had the good fortune of knowing Stephanie for 20+ years and I’ve never ceased to be amazed at her gift of insight, her heart to transform, and her courage to inspire action. When Stephanie walks into a room, the room feels it. Her mere presence brings light into any situation. If you haven’t worked with Stephanie, do so. It’s often said that success is directly proportionate to the caliber of people you surround yourself with. Stephanie is one such person. Do yourself a favor and seek her out.

Wesley Goo
President and Founder
Reinvention Worldwide
Los Angeles, CA



Stephanie’s authenticity and love for her work and clients is palpable. She’s a phenomenal guide for any soulful entrepreneur that’s just starting out as well as for those who’d like to brush up on the fundamental building blocks of a thriving soul-centered business. Work with Stephanie – it will be an absolute game-changer!

Sandra Fidelis
Mindset Coach
New York, NY


If you’ve come across Stephanie St.Claire, you’re in luck. She’s been there, done that and has survived it. She’s an unselfish person, who is willing to share what she has learned on her journey with others. She inspired me to continue on my soul searching journey and reminded me I’m worthy of the best life has to offer. If you have the chance to take Stephanie along for your journey, DO IT! She will guide you with the care and love and concern of a wonderful friend.

Danielle Melville
Atlanta, GA

John Barbato

I cannot thank Stephanie enough for the help and encouragement she gave me during a recent break up with my boyfriend. It is most undoubtedly the most difficult life experience I’ve ever had to face. Even though my relationship was with another man—a personal experience that I wouldn’t think she would have any relation to—Stephanie was able to completely understand and empathize with what I was going through. On top of all the personal one on one self esteem building sessions she helped me with, she also recommended a fantastic and very relevant book for me to read and was there for me to answers my texts, emails and late night calls. I’m the kind of guy who thinks I’m strong enough to get through anything, but in this instance Stephanie was honestly my proverbial “rock”. I have already recommended her to friends and would do it again without hesitation.

John Barbato
Real Estate Sales
Stribling & Associates
New York, NY


Corporate world? Self-employed? A conundrum Stephanie helped me solve with her spot-on and insightful coaching. In an age when everyone is out to just make money – and not necessarily discover what one really loves and learns to make a living at it – Stephanie analyzes with her heart. She steered me in the right direction to break out of my debilitating fear of becoming self-employed. She helped me navigate my inner confusion by giving me logical, precise, no-nonsense steps to start—Now! I have no doubt that I am on the right path to achieve who I was meant to be, not only to others, but most importantly, to myself.

Madalyn Galdamez
Middle School Teacher // Model
Chicago, IL



Okay seriously. You know the feeling.

When you are so DONE with doing things the old way, and you can’t take one more step? The inevitable, wrinkled-forehead, ‘What the hell do I do now?’ scowl? The need for understanding and for someone to help you figure out what needs to happen to get things moving in the opposite direction.

Stephanie gets it. She swoops right to where you are and provides that necessary oomph to get over the hump, back in the game, reconnected. Seize the opportunity to work with her, you will be better for it.

Andrew Carter
New York, NY



I am extremely pleased with Stephanie’s coaching. She is highly intuitive, insightful and relatable! After my very first session, I was able to see stuck points and with her guidance, set objectives with crystal clear clarity. The life decisions (personal and professional) I made with her support have continued to propel me in a truly authentic and positive direction. If Stephanie were a Tinder profile, I would totally swipe right!

Rhiannon Andersen
VP and Co-Owner
Steelhead Productions
Las Vegas, NV



After following Stephanie’s Facebook page for months, I am glad I finally took the first step and contacted her. I feel much more confident knowing that I have a coach of my own to give me a kick in the ass when I need it, just like I do when I’m coaching soccer. (Even the professionals have coaches right?) I am really looking forward to even more of my own barriers being “benched” in the near future!

Eric Oswald
Soccer Coach & Fitness Trainer
FAST: Fitness and Sport Training
Mechanicsville, VA


Stephanie St.Claire will expertly help you to discover the divine, loving being inside of you. I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by her and experiencing her deep insight. She has an impeccable ability to listen to what’s actually going on and shine the light on what is stopping you from living the life of your dreams.

Stephanie is the bridge between where you are right now and where you want to be in your life. Working with her will be your miracle.

Patrick Consing
Executive Director / Master instructor
Kapatid Martial Arts Academy
Pleasantville, NY



Stephanie has been the perfect blend of rocket fuel and life-giving tranquility to me. Her words come from a place of life lived (and living), and her temperate wisdom has consistently drowned out the jarring noise of online gurus and ninjas. She is ever present, practical, and pulsing with a rare vibration of genuine joy in connecting with you. Her work has changed the course of my life. You will feel the effects of working with her for years to come.

Karen Hammons
Artist, Wife, Mother
Greenville, SC



Stephanie is a wise and beautiful soul! She helped me navigate a divorce while at the same time helping me transition out of a very orthodox religion. She listens without judgment and gives you the tools needed to trust yourself and honor your intuition. I cannot speak highly enough of her work. If you have the chance to take one of her workshops, do it! You’ll be AMAZED how much your life changes in just a short amount of time with her.

Ericka French
Life Coach + Cookbook Author
Heal To Live
Lehi, UT